what is synserv?

synserv is a personal homelab project, created and managed solely by myself, a college student.
most of our resources go towards our free to play game servers, but maybe we will add more services in the future!
i do not offer any "vip" or "paid" roles or tiers on any of my servers or services. this is because i believe you should not have to pay to have fun. everyone has access to the same features and nothing is hidden behind a paywall or special role.

it will always be this way. it's my promise to you.

currently i am self-hosting all of these services on my own.

here are the specs of my single humble server
dual 6-core xeon x5650 cpu's (total of 12 cores)
80gb ram
4.5 tb storage
running on a 300 mb/s connection

it's not much, but it works pretty well.
maybe soon i will add more systems as i expand our services and start up more servers. however, i'm trying to stick to just one so I don't use up so much power.

if you have any questions or would like to reach out, please visit the "contact" page.

thanks :p

other stuff