welcome to synserv.net

synserv is a 100% free-to-the-public server project.
i'm a college student, and this is mostly just my personal homelab project. all of our services are provided free-of-charge to the public.

Counter-Strike 2 Servers:


[surf]  EZ 24/7 surf_utopia - IP: us1.synserv.net:27015
[surf]  EZ 24/7 surf_kitsune - IP: us1.synserv:27016
[awp arena]  AWP Arena [workshop maps!] - IP: us1.synserv.net:27017
[bhop]  bhop and chill [beta] - IP: us1.synserv.net:27018

BeamMP Servers:


cruise n chill  [custom cars, engines, tires & more] - IP: us1.synserv.net:30814

Minecraft Servers:


[java edition] semi-vanilla survival - IP: us1.synserv.net
[bedrock edition]  vanilla - IP: us1.synserv.net

SA-MP Servers:


[freeroam]  IP: us1.synserv.net:7777

✘ CS2: 1v1 arenas ✘
✘ minecraft java edition: semi vanilla survival ✘
✘ gmod: storm chasers ✘
✘ gmod: zombie sandbox ✘
✘ CS Source: deathmatch ✘
✘ CS Source: surf ✘
✘ fivem: freeroam ✘

to directly connect to a gameserver, use the IP address provided next to each.
instructions on how to direct connect vary by game/application. If you are unsure how, please look up how to specifically for the game you are playing.


all of our services are provided free-of-charge to the public.
we believe you shouldn't have to pay to have fun. That's why we don't offer any paid or VIP tiers in our gameservers, 

other stuff