CS:GO Servers Shutting Down, CS2 servers in development.

14 feb 2024

Hello everyone, and welcome to the very first post on our brand new "news" section, where we will post important announcements.

Unfortunately, you've read the title correctly. Our CSGO servers are shutting down.
It's been a long run, we've been hosting CSGO servers since 2018 on the communities favorite custom gamemodes such as surf, bhop, 1v1 arenas, awp arena, and more.

With the release of CS2, Valve has deleted CSGO off of your computer. If you go back and specifically download the "legacy version" of CSGO through Steam, you'll also notice the server browser has become inaccessible in-game.
This makes it very hard for people to find our server and pretty much requires you to know the IP address of the server and directly connect to it through console. A lot of players find our servers through the server browser, and we noticed immediately that nobody was joining them anymore.

So, we've decided to pull the plug on our legacy CSGO servers.


The good news is, our new CS2 servers are in development. The surf server is almost done, and after that we will be releasing a bhop and 1v1 arena server to start. More gamemodes may come in the close future.

We wanted these to be done already, but due to the game still being pretty new, it almost seems like every single game update breaks something, lol. So the development is taking a bit longer than it should. But we, and most of the plugin community, are making steady progress.


We look forward to the release of these servers and hope to see you there.

have a great day.



i'm the network admin, web developer, and server operator for synserv.net

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